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Mover provides complete logistics management solutions that connect stakeholders, reduce complexity, and scale with your business. Mover’s software not only make things better for your customers but keeps all your moving parts in sync while reducing waste in your operations.

TMS Application

Continuous improvements

Fine-tune operations

Identify problem areas and cost-pockets to fix them right away.

Improve productivity

Monitor performance and identify areas of development for your team and suppliers.

Know your business

Learn how to generate value and to increase productivit

Visibility into every stage

Get access to all your logistics data and analyze to help your team perform at their peak.

Real-time and historical data

Understand past trends and act on what's happening now.

Your own data warehouse

Dive deep in data across teams and workflows through all your performance metrics.

Integrate with BI-tools

Analyze, simulate, and illustrate your performance in your preferred BI tools.

Pre-build KPI overviews

Get overviews of your operations with the most critical last-mile KPIs.

Event-based communication

Keep customers informed automatically

Inform across channels

Keep customers informed before they need to reach out to you.

Be ready for delivery

Help customers be ready for delivery and don’t spend time serving or waiting.

Customize communication

Choose what you want to say and how to say it in the way your customers want to hear it.

Customize events and triggers

Create your own automated workflows that keep customers informed and reassured at all times.

Integrate communication

Set preferences and let triggers orchestrate the rest.

Proactive messaging

Get ahead of your customers with outbound notifications that prevent escalations.

Make rich content

Adjust and enrich communication to provide a flawless customer experience.

Inform through different channels

Communicate across platforms and devices with in-app push notification, SMS, and email.

Distribution-center administration

Optimal distribution-center operations

Reduce handling time

Integrate route planning with your WMS and workflows to reduce touchpoints.

Integrate floor space utilization

Configure limitations and appoint optimal gates to stage shipments correctly.

Avoid bottlenecks

Plan and dispatch vehicles to arrive just-in-time at the appointed gates.

Digitalize workflows

Validate, scan, sign, log, and track accountability for shipments and processes.

Reduce wasted opportunities

Assign late arriving orders and shipments to routes and gates until the last minute.

Stay synchronized

Be up to date by automatic triggers, synchronization, and notifications.

Keep the big picture

Gather and benchmark data across stakeholders to gain understanding and insights.

Be in line with linehaul

Track events, loading, unloading, ETAs, and deviations from origin to destination.

Live tracking

Transparency and control

Stay ahead of information

Give customers the information and control they need before they ask for it.

Act proactively

Supply your teams with the latest information to deliver on promises.

Improve your business

Save time on support, improve loyalty, and offer more meaningful support.

Change preferences enroute

Let customers change delivery preferences until the last minute.

Integrate and visualize data

Connect and integrate APIs and SDKs across your system and visualize data.

Go above expectations

Act before deviations or delays that could affect your customers or your business.

Predict the unpredictable

Share live locations and AI- powered ETAs so stakeholders can adjust their plans.

Automate flows

Build and customize communication flows to ensure people are in the loop.

Align business processes

Get real-time data on performance metrics that align with your SLA.

Multi-vendor sourcing

The right van for the job

Plan for special handling

Operate the correct type of vehicle and personnel according to requirements.

Prioritize vehicles

Reduce your environmental footprint by assigning the most suitable vehicles.

Allocate the right resources

Allocate vehicles and personnel to ensure resource utilization and cost reduction.

Reduce complexity

Tag orders and shipments with data and automatically plan and source resources.

Source across providers

Add and manage service providers and automatically assign routes and tasks.

Adapt the proper logistics

Scale optimal logistics for all processes and save time, money, and resources.

Improve performance

Compare efficiency across contractors to develop high quality all over.

Grow customer satisfaction

Manage quality assurance and empower your relations through great service.

Route planning

Plan for optimal logistics

Automatic planning

Set your preferences and let the system do the heavy lifting across multiple inputs.

Increase accuracy

Deliver on time with planning across capabilities, resources, preferences, and limitations.

Continuous improvements

Simulate and analyze to make improvements in service level, resource utilization, and cost.

Optimize orchestration

Go beyond simple route planning and include all factors that impact on delivery.

Pick and place just-in-time

Reduce touchpoints by integrating routes with warehouse operations.

Organize for ramp sequencing

Place shipments in the right order for loading vehicles and get more space and time.

Plan for gate limitations

Get the right vehicle to arrive at the right gates, at the right time.

Accelerate sustainable logistics

Calculate the best mix and optimal utilization of your fleet in one go.

Plan for local preferences

Define unique inputs to routes and schedule when and how it should influence planning.

Activate rules with tags

Define rules and events that apply to individual tags across all actors and order journeys.

Schedule automatically

Configure route planning and dispatching to work on its own.

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Efficient and reliable courier service

A realiable, professional courier service available within 30 minutes. Our advanced technology reduces waste and ensures timely and efficient delivery, excellent service, and low prices.

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Tailored logistics for you & your customers

Scalable and flexible logistic solution tailored to your needs. Powered by the latest technology and versatile fleet, you are provided with the most efficient and transparent logistic setup.

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