Multi-vendor sourcing

The right van for the job

No van is perfect, but a diverse fleet has the potential to be. Plan and execute the most efficient transport at any time, across your own and multiple contractors, vehicles, personnel, competences, and price. Fully automated, of course.

Diverse fleet
Automatic sourcing and allocation

Succeed in every dimensions

Planning for optimal logistics is like playing 4D chess. With Mover's TMS you easily source and allocate resources from internal or external fleets and personnel to cover your fluctuating requirements and volume.

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    Plan for special handling

    Dedicate the right type of vehicles and personnel according to special shipment requirements.

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    Prioritize zero-emission vehicles

    Reduce the environmental footprint by planning and assigning routes to zero-emission vehicles when possible, according to delivery distance, speed limits, weight, and dimensions of shipments, and more.

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    Allocate according to requirements

    Arrange vehicles and personnel to ensure the most efficient resource utilization and cost reduction.

Smart planning system

Reduce complexity in planning and sourcing

Some problems are too complex to handle manually. That's where a smart planning system comes in handy. Tag orders and shipments with data enrichment and configure the system to plan automatically and source contractors, vehicles, and personnel to fit the requirements across all dimensions.

Assign routes and tasks automatically

Reap the benefits of competition

When sourcing across multiple transport service providers, you'll never have your back against the wall. You won't have to compromise on price, capacity, quality, or competencies as your volume and requirements fluctuate. Easily add and manage service providers and automatically assign routes and tasks.

Multiple Transport Service Providers
Continuous improvements

Constant and never-ending improvements

Embrace full control over the way you boost your logistics. Our system offers everything you need in one simple platform to scale logistics, develop across processes, and achieve happy customers without heavy lifting. Plus, you have all data at your fingertips to ensure your transport service providers perform at their peak.

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    Adapt the most proper logistics

    Scale the optimal logistics to all processes with Mover's TMS and save time, money, and resources.

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    Improve service providers performance

    Identify which drivers serve customers best. For even more improvement, compare efficiency across contractors to achieve the best service.

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    Grow your customer satisfaction

    Manage constant quality assurance and empower your customer relationships through extraordinary service.

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