Live tracking

Transparency and control

Eliminate uncertainty and enable excellent experiences for your customers and your teams. Our solution provides real-time visibility and precise tracking, ensuring that every step in the delivery process is transparent and efficient.

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Deliver on promises

Keep everyone in the know

Life is full of surprises – just like logistics. With Mover’s intelligent live tracking, nothing will surprise your customers or your teams when delivering on promises. Change delivery preferences until the last moment, integrate and visualize live performance data, and go above and beyond expectations.

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Practical for customers

Give customers the information and control they want before they need it.

Handy for operations  

Empower your teams to be on top of things and be proactive to deliver on promises.

Good for business  

Reduce non-value-adding calls, sharpen workflows, improve customer loyalty, and offer more meaningful support.

Smart track and trace

Change preferences en route

Customers have lives they want to live to the fullest. Plans and preferences can change in a heartbeat. That’s where a smart track and trace page can set you apart by allowing customers to change delivery preferences up until the last minute. It boosts customer satisfaction when they can choose where or how to receive their deliveries.

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Integrate across system landscapes

Integrate and visualize data

Logistics is an integrated part of your business, so your logistics data should be too. Connect and integrate through APIs and SDKs across your system landscape and visualize data to celebrate team or individual performance.

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Smart workflows

Go above and beyond expectations

  • Predict the unpredictable

    Share live geo-locations and AI-powered ETA predictions so stakeholders can adjust their plans and workflows according to what really happens.

  • Automate communication flows

    Build and customize event-based communication flows and triggers to ensure the right people or systems are always in the loop.

  • Be proactive

    Take action and deliver on promises before deviations or delays affect your customers or other parts of your business.

  • Align business processes

    Get real-time data on performance metrics that align with your service level agreements and operating procedures.

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Proactive communication
Performance Dashboard

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