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Efficient and reliable courier service

Professional courier service made easy and available within 30 minutes. Our advanced technology reduces waste and ensures timely and efficient delivery, excellent service, and low prices. Count on us for your delivery needs.

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Getting started

Easy booking & convenient payment

Quickly book your courier through our website or mobile app and choose from a variety of delivery options. Opt for our express pick-up service and we'll have your stuff on its way in under 30 minutes. With real-time tracking and transparent pricing, we make your logistics efficient and your life easier.

Pay as you go with a credit card or open an account for a more convenient and streamlined experience.

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Perfect fit for your courier needs

Say goodbye to overpaying for oversized vehicles and hello to the perfect fit for your professional courier needs.

With our easy booking system, you have the flexibility to choose exactly the right size vehicle for your delivery needs, whether it's a car, van, or truck.

No more wasted resources or unnecessary costs. Book the exact vehicle you need, every time.

  • Car
    The car is able to load the following:
    L80 x W80 x H80 cm.
    Max. 30 kg per collo and 100 kg in all.
  • Van
    The van is able to load the following:
    L240 x W140 x H175 cm.
    Max. 30 kg per collo and 1000 kg in all.
    Max. amount of pallets: 3
    Max. weight per pallet: 400kg
  • Lift
    The lift is able to load the following:
    L400 x W200 x H200 cm.
    Max. 30 kg per collo and 800 kg in all.
    Max. amount of pallets: 8
    Max. weight per pallet: 650kg
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Reducing waste

Save money and the environment

Going green has never been easier or more cost-effective. Our technology allows us to optimize routes, reduce fuel consumption, and lower emissions, all while saving you money on your logistics costs.

We prioritize electrical vehicles and bio-fuels as much as possible, to minimize the impact on the environment. Reduce your costs and your carbon footprint all at once.

your Courier benefits

Improve your logistics with our tech-driven services

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Pick-up within 30 minutes

Book in seconds and we’ll have a courier there in moments.

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Friendly service

Enjoy top service from our certified and professional drivers.

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20-30% lower price

Save money with our low prices, thanks to our smart technologies.

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On-call support

Get in touch with our on-call support available 7 days a week.

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Track your deliveries in real-time and keep everyone informed.

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Fully insured

Ensure the safety of your deliveries with our industry-leading insurance.

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