Analytics and reporting

Continuous improvements

Utilize data and analytics to meticulously measure and enhance every aspect of your logistics, workflows, and individual performance. Our advanced analytics tools dive deep into your operations, providing insights that help you optimize routes, streamline processes, and elevate team productivity.

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Analytics and report
Business intelligence

Uncover logistics insights

Logistics can be complicated – all those moving parts, people, and processes. With Mover, you get actionable insights and deep understanding of your logistics through data. We give you access to details that will make your business better—no master’s degree required.

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    Fine-tune your logistics operations

    Identify problem areas and cost-pockets to fix them right away, avoiding wasted time or resources.

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    Improve individual productivity

    Monitor performance and identify areas of development for your team, your transport service providers, and your drivers.

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    Understand your business

    Learn how your operations generate value and how to improve productivity and customer experiences at every stage of your order journeys.

order journey analytics

Gain visibility into every stage of your order journey

Last-mile logistics covers more than just driving – it’s also warehouse operations, on- and offloading, task time, and customer experiences. You need to gather and integrate data from every step to stay on top. Our system gives you access to all your logistics data, so you can measure how your teams perform at their peak.

Order Journey overview
Powerful insights to drive decisions

Data that’s
off the charts

Real time data
Data warehouse
Integrate BI tools
Finish first on the last mile

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