Distribution Center HANDLING

Optimal distribution center operations

Ensure predictability, digitize workflows, and increase throughput all the way from the first to the last mile, particularly focusing on distribution center handling. Our solution provides a comprehensive approach to managing your distribution centers, streamlining every process .

Distribution Center Administration
Digitizing workflows

Streamline and automate workflows

Working smarter and not harder is the holy grail of digitizing workflows. With Mover's intelligent automation, you can instantly increase throughput from your team and existing facility capacity by orchestrating processes associated with your last-mile logistics.

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    Reduce handling time

    Integrate route planning with your warehouse management systems and operations workflows to reduce touchpoints by picking, packing, and placing shipments in the most efficient sequences.

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    Increase floor space utilization

    Configure warehouse limitations and appoint optimal gates to correctly stage shipments for loading directly into vehicles.

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    Avoid bottlenecks

    Plan and dispatch vehicles to arrive just-in-time directly at the appointed gates. Both for loading and unloading at dispatch and returns.

Improve workflows

Eliminate paper, not paper trails

Move beyond old-school paperwork and keep the trees in the forest. Mover's suite of applications for distribution center and ramp management allow you to validate, scan, sign, log, and track accountability for shipments and processes digitally across all moving parts and stakeholders to significantly improve workflows.

Flexible platform

Never skip a beat

Customize to your heart's content with an open and flexible platform that you can scale, extend, and optimize as your logistics changes.

  • Reduce wasted opportunities

    Assign late-arriving orders and shipments to routes and gates until the last minute before your drivers arrive.

  • Stay synchronized

    Keep systems and users updated with automatic triggers, data synchronization, and notifications across platforms and devices.

  • Keep the big picture

    Gather and benchmark data for all stakeholders and processes to gain a deep understanding and actionable insights on what's working and what's not across your distribution centers.

Assigning orders and shipments
Stay Synchronized Automatic triggers
Keep the big picture
Keep the big picture

In line with linehauls

Every chain is only as strong as the weakest link. The same goes with supply chains and the success in your last-mile logistics is directly affected by your linehaul operations. With Mover you can seamlessly align operations across your journey legs by tracking events, loading and unloading, ETAs, and deviations to trigger procedures and notifications both up and down stream, to stay in the know from origin to destination.

Line haul management

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