Intelligent routing

Plan for optimal logistics

Deliver accurately, reduce waste, and accelerate your sustainability. With Mover's intelligent routing you will be able to plan the most efficient routes - every time.

Intelligent Routing
Optimal efficiency

Get more out of your resources

The last mile is the most complex. Mover's intelligent algorithms can plan across a multitude of actors, preferences, and limitations - your customers, people, warehouses, and transport service providers. Don't settle for anything less than optimal efficiency, sustainability, and customer experiences.

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    Fully automatic

    Set your preferences and let the system do the heavy lifting - day and night.

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    Increases accuracy

    Delivering on-time requires realistic planning across capabilities, resources, regional preferences, and limitations.

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    Favorite tool for analytics

    Simulate and analyze to your heart's content ensure continuous improvements in service levels, resource utilization, and cost reduction.

Complex route optimizaton and planning

Orchestrate like a conductor

Go beyond simple route planning and include all factors that impact how you deliver on promises. Include type and capacity of vehicles, warehouse restrictions, geographic restrictions, delivery time slots, transport service providers, competencies and certifications, scheduled rest time, dynamic task time, and much more. It's all interconnected.

Synchronize hub operations

Increase throughput from warehouses

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Pick and pack just in time

Reduce touchpoints by integrating your route planning with warehouse operations so your team knows when to pick and where to place shipments.

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Organize for ramp sequencing

When you place shipments in the right order for loading vehicles, you get significantly more out of your space and time.

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Plan for gate limitations

Avoid congestion at your gates and ramps. Mover's planning tool includes details about your warehouse gates and ramps to have the right vehicles arrive at the right gates, at the right time.

Dynamic task time

Excellence takes time

The secret sauce in optimizing your logistics is forecasting and planning for the time it takes to complete each task - loading vehicles and delivering services or shipments. Mover's intelligent route planning includes most factors determining time for deliveries, from apartment floor and rooms, weight, capacity, time of day, service level, and specific task-data from your ERP.

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plan for multiple types of vehicles

Accelerate to zero-emission deliveries

Planning for the most sustainable logistics must be realistic. Sure, cargo-bikes and electrical vehicles reduce the environmental footprint of deliveries but have limitations in your shipments' dimensions and distance. Mover's algorithms calculate the best mix and optimal utilization of your fleet in one go.

plan with tags and rules

Automate regional planning

  • Plan for local preferences

    Draw directly on a map or define specific streets and areas to add time or limitations, and schedule when and how it influences planning.

  • Activate rules with tags

    Define and schedule rules and events in your route planning that apply to individual tags across all actors and order journeys.

  • Schedule automatic planning and dispatching

    Configure route planning and dispatching to work on its own, based on schedule workflows, triggers, and events.

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