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Transport management system

Unleash the potential of your logistics

Software that connects the dots

Transport Management is about more than planning and tracking vehicles. It's about your business, your workflows, your customers, and your teams, too.

Mover’s software not only makes things better for your customers but keeps all your moving parts in sync while reducing waste in your operations. It's everything you need to connect the dots in one powerful platform.

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Customer experiences

Make things better for your customers

Offer transparency and control that is convenient for your customers, empower them to make their own decisions, and stay updated when they need it.

Customized Communication

Keep customers in the know

Automate the flow of communication and keep customers in the loop. Provide proactive communication through live tracking, automated ETA updates, event- and trigger-based communication, and real-time KPIs.

Empower your customers

Personalize your deliveries for each customer in alignment with your logistics capacity. Customers can choose preferred timeslots, service-level, and change delivery preferences until the last moment.

Reduce non-value adding calls

Satisfy your customers and reduce time wasted on the phone. Provide transparency for customers and support teams by automating workflows that resolve issues - reducing the need for conversations.

Everything works together

Keep your moving parts in sync

Customize to your heart's content with an open and flexible platform that you can scale, extend, and optimize as your logistics change.

Manage your data

Integrate data across your systems

Integrate all relevant data in your logistics ecosystem using our powerful integration options. It's easy and makes your workflows much smoother.

Manage your order journeys to perfection

Personalize experiences and optimize workflows across all your order journeys. Stage, sequence, and prepare loading and unloading based on planned and actual route progress.

Drive impact with actionable insights

Analyze, monitor, and act based on what's best for your customers, your business, and the environment. It works across transport service providers, warehouse management, support, and TPS with easy-to-use analytics and reporting - including CO2 emission reports across routes and vehicles.

Improve performance

Reduce waste in your operations

Help your logistics teams, analysts, and transport service providers do their best work. Mover offers market-leading tools that optimize processes, automate workflows, and bench-mark efficiency across all stakeholders.

Optimize workflows

Plan for optimal logistics

Optimize deliveries across vehicles, capacity utilization, multiple service providers, and warehouse restrictions based on tags and rule sets. Accelerate your ambitions for sustainable deliveries by optimizing for the most efficient routes and reduced emissions.

Automate workflows

Save time and tedious manual processes with intelligent automation. Schedule flows, set up events, and triggers that integrate across customers, teams, and service providers.

Enable continuous improvements

Map and benchmark processes and stakeholders to leverage continuous improvements. Keep score of best practices and individual performance across all stakeholders and access the data in our platform or a BI-system.

A complete toolkit

Powerful features for your logistics

A complete logistics management solution with unique and specialized features to connect stakeholders, reduce complexity, and scale your business.

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Customize your communication

Keep every customer in the loop through automated and customized communication.

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Fast and intuitive route creation tool

Deliver on time, reduce waste, and accelerate sustainability with intelligent algorithms.

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Manage your operations from drivers to delivery

Personalize your deliveries for each customer in alignment with your logistics capacity. Customers can choose preferred timeslots, service-levels, and change delivery preferences until the last moment.

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Dependable proof of delivery

Let your customer choose how they want their goods delivered. Use images or signatures as proof of delivery.

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Automatic planning and allocation

Plan and allocate trips optimally across multiple contractors, vehicles, personnel, competencies, and price.

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Transparency through live tracking

Live tracking makes everything visible and accessible to your customers and teams when delivering on promises.

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Clever distribution workflows

Improve your fulfillment process by digitizing workflows and optimizing the utilization of the facility’s capacity.

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AI-powered route optimization

Go beyond manual route planning and include the factors that affect how you deliver on customer premises.

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Synchronize with your WMS and workflows

Integrate across operations to reduce touchpoints by picking, packing, and placing shipments in the most efficient sequences.

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Performance improving data

Monitor performance and identify areas of development for your team, your transport service providers, and your drivers.

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Automatic organization of orders

Organize orders and shipments based on data and configure the system to automatically plan and source contractors, vehicles, and personnel.

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Rich content for your customers

Enrich customer experiences with specified or updated ETAs, order details, tracking, proof of delivery, and contact information.

Mover app

Follow your fleet on every street

Get unparalleled transparency across your entire fleet. Know where they are, where they're going, and when they'll arrive. Then share the info with your customers.

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    Real-time driver tracking
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    Integrated customer communication
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    Automatic status updates
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    Direct communication
Live Tracking Application
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