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We handle your last-mile logistics

Mover Solutions is for you who require high-quality last-mile delivery of goods on a regular basis. With our large, versatile fleet and team of logistics experts, we ensure your deliveries get safely to your customers or stores at the best available price. At Mover, we use our advanced Transportation Management System to optimize your logistics processes and lower your operational costs.

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Customized service level agreements

Raise your delivery standards

Our SLA is more than process accuracy, delivery efficiency, and customer satisfaction. It’s about your Code of Conduct, driver employment terms, and environmental profile, too.

We take responsibility for your ESG profile as well as your logistic economics, ensuring compliance and peace of mind.

Trust us to deliver results that meet your unique needs and exceed your expectations.

Customized operating procedures

Streamline your operations

Mover’s operational procedures can be designed to meet your specific needs and your customer expectations, ensuring the smooth functioning of your logistics operations.

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    Precise pick-up and delivery time

    Planning and ensuring accurate pick-up and delivery time in sync with your warehouse operations.

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    Certified driver qualifications

    Training and verifying necessary driver competences and certifications to appropriately handle your goods and delivery options.

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    Versatile vehicle fleet

    Aligning type and size of vehicles to optimize resource utilization and reduce the environmental footprint.

Dedicated professionals

Expert support at every step

When you work with us, you can rest assured that you will have dedicated logistic professionals on your side, every step of the way. Our team of Process Engineers, Data Scientists, Service Delivery Managers, and Operations Specialists are experts in optimizing logistics using modern technology and data analysis to help you achieve your goals.

Transport management system

Tech-driven logistics solutions

We place digital technology at the heart of our solutions to improve logistics, reduce waste, and make people's lives easier. The combination of software and deep logistics know-how is our unique value proposition to elevate your logistics to the next level.

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    Process and route optimization

    Optimizing delivery processes and routes to ensure maximum efficiency and accuracy, reducing your costs while getting smiles from your customers.

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    Real-time tracking and visibility

    Transparency that ensures you, your team, and your customers stay informed and in control of your deliveries.

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    Workflow automation

    Minimizing repetitive tasks to streamline operations, avoiding deviations while saving time and resources.

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    Performance tracking

    Visualizing and benchmarking performance across teams and processes to continuously improve service and meet your evolving needs.

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