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At Mover, we're dedicated to providing reliable and tech-driven transport services in Denmark. Are you looking for an efficient transport company? Let's get moving.

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    Live-tracking on all shipments
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    Multiple vehicle types
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    Market-leading insurance
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Trusted by more than 3,000 leading brands
Why choose mover Transport?

Fast, affordable, and reliable transport service

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Trusted by 3.000 leading brands

Every year, we make more than 2.5 million deliveries. Join the satisfied customers who've entrusted their deliveries to Mover's dependable courier service, including Stark, Solar, Danish Crown, Interflora, and more.

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Pick up in 30 minutes

Can't wait? We can guarantee speedy deliveries with our 700+ active drivers and flexible fleet of cars, vans, and lifts. We can pick up within 30 minutes with Courier Express. Our on-time delivery rate is 97%.

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Large and flexible fleet

We have Denmark's largest fleet of lift trucks, vans, and cars - so you don't waste money on oversized vehicles - or run our of capacity. We have the exact vehicle to fit your needs every time.

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Reduce costs by up to 30%

Save money with Mover Transport. Thanks to our intelligent logistics technology, we can offer you a 20-30% lower price. And we have zero hidden fees or surcharges.

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Real-time status updates

Follow your deliveries with live tracking, from pick-up to drop-off. Both you and your customer can track your driver and know exactly when they will arrive.

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Embrace efficiency

Our advanced logistics tech streamlines routes, slashes emissions, and cut fuel consumption, all while saving you money on transport costs.

Trustworthy transport excellence within your budget

Deliver your items faster, safer, and cheaper with Mover. We have the biggest fleet of vans, cars, and lifts in Denmark. Our team of professional drivers will handle your task. Explore our transport services and see why more than 3,000 customers call Mover their preferred transport company.

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Drive forward with Mover as a transport company

Delegate your delivery needs to Mover and direct your attention to growing your business. From immediate, unplanned deliveries to fixed routes, we've got all your transport requirements covered.

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Get access to reduced fares by setting up a courier agreement

A reliable, professional courier service is available within 30 minutes. Our advanced technology reduces waste and ensures timely and efficient delivery, excellent service, and low prices.

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Tailored logistics solutions for fixed and recurring routes

We tailor a scalable and flexible logistic solution to your needs. Powered by the latest technology and versatile fleet, we provide you with the most efficient and transparent logistic setup.

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Have regular planned routes?

Mover can help with that. Raise your delivery standards and reduce your costs by outsourcing your regular routes. Daily or weekly. One run or 100. We offer reliable, dedicated multi-drop solutions.

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    Flexible capacity

    Rapidly scale your operations up - and down - with Mover's flexible fleet. We take vehicle and driver management off your plate.

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    Real-time tracking

    Enjoy peace of mind by tracking your goods with live tracking from pick up, to drop-off. Plus, our drivers verify delivery with photos and signatures.

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    Optimized operations

    Streamline your routes, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce prices with Mover's clever route planning software and tracking systems.

Frequently asked questions

Find answers to your questions here.

  • What does Mover Transport cost?

    Our prices are tailored to each customer. We calculate the price based on journey length, shipment size, and type of vehicle required.

  • Does Mover Transport deliver in my area?

    Mover serves the Copenhagen, Greater Copenhagen, Zealand, and Aarhus areas.

  • What vehicles does Mover have?

    We offer:
    Car: 80 x 80 x 80 cm. Max. 100kg  
    Van: 140 x 140 x 220 cm. Max. 1000kg.
    Lift: 200 x 200 x 400cm. Max. 800kg.

  • What is Mover Courier?

    Mover Courier is an on-demand, same-day delivery service. We can deliver within 30 minutes.

  • What is Mover Solutions?

    Mover Solutions is your own dedicated transport service. We plan your routes in advance to deliver items on time, and more efficiently. Your items will never be co-loaded with items from other companies, meaning they get delivered faster than with a postal service or traditional transport provider.

  • What is fixed route delivery?

    Fixed route delivery transports packages along a set route on a regular basis. It’s the best choice for items that needs to delivered to multiple locations on a daily basis. Businesses pay a set fee for each route, no matter how many drops are made.

  • How do I pay Mover?

    Payment happens automatically once your item has been delivered. All you need is a credit card for pay-as-you-go. Plan to use our service regularly? Quickly open an account with Mover for a more convenient, personalized courier experience.

  • Does Mover offer a discount for regular customers?

    Contact our team to discuss creating a bespoke Service Level Agreement (SLA).

  • Can I track my delivery?

    Yes! You can track your delivery all the way online or in the app with your Tracking ID (received via SMS). You can even directly communicate with your driver, or Mover’s customer support if you have any questions related to your delivery.
    Will the driver help me carry my item?  Yes. Our drivers will assist you with loading/unloading. Be aware that we only use one driver per delivery.

  • Does Mover charge capacity and fuel surcharge?

    No. We offer the cheapest capacity and zero fuel surcharge.

  • Do I have to wrap my shipment?

    Yes. It’s your responsibility to properly wrap your item(s) before they’re handed over to our drivers.

  • Is there anything you can’t ship?

    Mover is unable to transport:
    - Live animals
    - Dangerous/ADR goods, e.g. explosives, chemicals, fireworks, weapons, or ammunition
    - Goods used in illegal transactions - Gas/air under pressure. Butane, Methane, Propane, other liquified gasses or petrochemicals

  • What insurance do you offer?

    All Mover deliveries are insured up to 75.000DKK (€10,000)—and we insure the item’s replacement value. This is a step above most transport providers, that only compensate based on item weight.

  • Which industries use Mover?

    At Mover, we know each industry has unique transport requirements. We provide tailored transport solutions to meet those needs, no matter which industry you’re in. Our B2B and B2C transport services are designed to address a wide range of requirements, offering flexibility and reliability to businesses of all sizes – in all sectors. Whether you’re a startup or an enterprise, we have the transport capabilities for you.

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