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We're Mover, a specialist in freight transportation. Mover offers simple, reliable, and affordable transportation for all your delivery needs. We provide freight services for all industries across Denmark, with custom logistics solutions tailored for your unique freight needs.

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Trusted by more than 3,000 leading brands
Freight service

Mover's trustworthy freight service

Looking for a reliable and affordable freight company to transport your goods? Mover is Denmark's preferred transport provider for freight. We have Denmark's largest fleet of cars, vans, and lifts and a network of +700 professional drivers waiting to transport your freight safely to its destination.

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Customer Communication
Here's why companies choose Mover for freight

We offer what matters to our customers, transparency,
flexibility, reliability, and affordable prices.

Professional freight serivce

Reliable, professional freight company

Whether it's fragile shipments, odd-sized items, or urgent ad-hoc deliveries, you can count on Mover to ensure that your freight reaches its destination safely and on time. Mover drivers are professional, friendly, and fully accredited. They'll even help you unload.

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    Real-time track and trace

    Never lose sight of your shipment again. We give customers peace of mind by providing 24-hour live tracking and automated SMS notifications that mean you have all the information you need, whe you need it.

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    Save up to 30% with cost-effective pricing

    We understand that prices play a crucial role when choosing a freight company. Whether you require swift delivery or flexibility in timing, we can provide an affordable solution for you.

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    Large and flexible fleet

    Our fleet isn't just large, it's diverse too. With Denmark's largest fleet of vans, lifts, and cars and +700 drivers on standby, we have the right vehicle and capacity availabe for every type of freight.

freight services

Mover's freight services

Transport freight regularly? We can help with that. Mover offers special deals and custom freight delivery solutions for our regular customers. With our large fleet, transparent pricing, and flexible pickup options, we'll build a solution that fits your needs perfectly.

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Efficient and reliable courier service

A reliable, professional courier service available within 30 minutes. Our advanced technology reduces waste and ensures timely and efficient delivery, excellent service, and low prices.

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Tailored logistics for you & your customers

Scalable and flexible logistic solution tailored to your needs. Powered by the latest technology and versatile fleet, you are provided with the most efficient and transparent logistic setup.

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Logistic with tech-driven services

Our freight services are different. We enhance your delivery experience with Mover's advanced freight technology, enabling comprehensive optimization of our processes. We significantly elevate the level of service, ensuring you have a better and more reliable freight experience.

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    Reduce your carbon footprint

    Freight isn't always kind to the environment. With Mover, you can cut your emissions with our clever route optimization technology. By minimizing travel distances while maximizing efficiency, we not only save time but also contribute to a cleaner environment.

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    Deliver superior customer experiences

    Boost your customers' trust and satisfaction by becoming a more transparent business with Mover. Mover will help you keep customers satisfied with on-time deliveries, automatic status updates, live tracking, and integrated customer communication.

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    Market-leading insurance

    Your freight is safe with Mover. Enjoy peace of mind with our market-leading insurance. All deliveries are insured up to 75,000 DKK (10,000€) - and we insure the item's replacement value, unlike traditional transport providers that compensate based on weight.

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