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Always ahead with logistics tracking

Navigating the complexities in the crucial last-mile delivery segment, demands superior tools. Our Logistics Tracking Software, with a special focus on last-mile delivery, offers live-tracking capabilities, ensuring you lead the way. This tailored approach to last-mile logistics empower you to optimize the final and most critical step in the delivery process.

Accurate Shipment Monitoring with Our Logistics Software

Precision with logistics tracking

Where every detail matters, precision is paramount. Explore the innovative features of our Logistics Tracking Software that guarantee pinpoint accuracy in tracking and management.

Automate your notifications and alerts to always be ready

Automated alerts and notifications

Sends instant updates regarding shipment status changes, such as delivery delays or arrivals.

You can live track all shipments and keep the control on your side

Real-time data and tracking control

Provides users with live updates on the exact location and status of their shipments.

Scan your barcode to be ready to deliver fast and correct

Barcode and QR code scanning

Facilitates quick scanning of shipments for more accurate tracking and verifications.

Track all your carriers performances and perform at the highest level

Carrier performance analytics

Help businesses evaluate the performance of various carriers to make informed partnership decisions.

unparalleled operational efficiency

Tracking management

Dive into the multifaceted world of logistics tracking software designed to meld advanced features with user needs seamlessly. From real-time monitoring to intricate shipment management, this tool is an essential asset for businesses aiming for unparalleled last-mile operational efficiency and great customer experiences.

Mover TMS is a flexible and automatic platform for tracking management
efficient logistics operations

Enhance the efficiency of the logistics process

Integrate with all your different systems to manage it all in one place

Smart integration capabilities

Allows the software to integrate with other systems like inventory management or customer order systems for seamless operation.

Optimize every routes to drive the most efficient way

Excellent route optimization

Helps drivers or shippers determine the most efficient route for timely deliveries and fuel savings.

Evaluate your carriers performance to always choose the best

Carrier performance analytics

Enhances businesses' evaluation of the performance of various carriers to make informed partnership decisions.

Choose between different options in proof of delivery

Flexible proof of delivery

Provides electronic signatures or photo evidence to confirm the successful delivery of shipments.

Take great decisions based on past data analysis

Historical data analysis

Stores past shipment data, allowing businesses to analyze past logistics performance to make improvements.

Generate informative reports for your customers about logistics

Informative custom reporting

Enables businesses to generate reports tailored to their needs, providing insights and analytics.

Boost business with logistics tracking

Empowering your business with real-time tracking and performance enhancing analytics.

Real-time shipment visibility

Experience real-time control over your shipments with our Logistics Tracking Software. You can instantly monitor your freight's location and status using advanced GPS tracking. Stay updated with automated and customizable notifications, ensuring crucial information is always at your fingertips.

Enhanced decision-making with analytics

Our software enriches your strategic decisions by transforming data into valuable insights. Leverage powerful analytics to understand performance trends and optimize your logistics. Predictive tools help you foresee and circumvent potential delays, keeping your operations smooth and cost-effective.

Seamless integration with existing systems

Effortlessly integrate our software with your existing ERP and CRM systems for streamlined operations. This seamless connectivity minimizes manual input, reduces errors, and enhances overall efficiency, creating a cohesive ecosystem for managing complex logistics challenges.

Explore our specialized tracking features

Dive deeper into our tailored solutions for every phase of your delivery process.


ETA tracking

Embrace the precision of our ETA Live Software, offering real-time updates and robust tracking solutions. With our state-of-the-art ETA Tracker, experience the power of accuracy in predicting and managing delivery times. Check it out here.

Ideal for businesses seeking enhanced visibility and control over their shipping schedules.


Last-mile tracking

Navigate the critical final phase of your shipping process with our comprehensive Last Mile Tracking solutions. Our Last Mile Delivery Tracking Platform ensures efficiency and reliability from dynamic delivery tracking to specialized carrier management.

Discover the benefits of live tracking for seamless last-mile operations here.

Frequently asked questions

Find answers to your questions here.

  • What is a Transport Management System (TMS)

    A Transport Management System (TMS) is a comprehensive software solution organizations use  to efficiently plan, execute, and optimize their transportation and logistics operations. It helps businesses streamline various aspects of their supply chain and transportation, from route planning and order management to carrier selection and performance monitoring.

  • What are the benefits of a TMS?

    Implementing a Transport Management System offers many benefits ranging from cost savings and operational efficiency to improved customer service and sustainability. Implementing a TMS can significantly enhance a company's transportation and logistics operations.

  • When do you need a TMS?

    Consider implementing a Transport Management System (TMS) when encountering specific challenges or objectives in your transportation and logistics operations.

    A Transport Management System is valuable when your transportation and logistics operations face cost control, efficiency, visibility, compliance, customer service, or scalability challenges. Implementing a TMS can address these issues and optimize your logistics processes.

  • How does a TMS work?

    A Transport Management System (TMS) provides a centralized platform for planning, executing, and optimizing various transportation and logistics operations aspects. A TMS streamlines transportation and logistics operations by automating tasks, optimizing routes, enhancing visibility, and facilitating communication with carriers and customers. It helps organizations reduce costs, improve efficiency, and enhance logistics performance.

  • Who uses Mover TMS?

    A Transport Management System (TMS) is used by a wide range of industries that rely on transportation and logistics to move goods efficiently within their supply chains. Here are some of the industries that commonly uses our TMS solution:

    - Retail
    - Manufacturing
    - E-commerce
    - Consumer goods
    - Automotive
    - Food and beverage
    - Construction
    - High-tech and electronics

    Our TMS solutions can be adapted to meet the unique transportation needs of various industries. As businesses continue to rely on efficient supply chain and transportation management, the adoption of TMS systems has become increasingly widespread across different sectors.

  • Can Movers TMS easily work together with other programs?

    In our Premium and Enterprise Software Plans, we offer integration with third-party software.

  • Is it easy to work in Mover TMS?

    Our TMS is intuitive and should be accessible to many users. We offer training and onboarding of new customers to make it easy to become a super user in our system. In addition, we provide ongoing support, where technical assistance will be available if it becomes relevant.

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