We'll help you deliver on your last-mile

Mover provides software and last-mile logistics solutions that help some of Europe's biggest brands delight their customers while saving time, money, and emissions.

Logistics, transportation and transport consulting
Trusted by more than 3,000 professional customers

Transforming last-mile deliveries across industries

We specialize in advanced software and last-mile logistic solutions, empowering companies to exceed customer expectations while optimizing time, reducing costs, and minimizing emissions.

Software that connects
the dots

Mover is a complete logistics management solution that connects stakeholders, reduces complexity, and scales with your business. Mover's software keeps all your moving parts in sync while reducing waste in your operations. It's everything you need to connect the dots in one powerful platform.

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Efficient and reliable courier service

A reliable, professional courier service is available within 30 minutes. Our advanced technology reduces waste and ensures timely and efficient delivery, excellent service, and low prices.

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Tailored logistics solutions for fixed and recurring routes

We tailor a scalable and flexible logistic solution to your needs. Powered by the latest technology and versatile fleet, we provide you with the most efficient and transparent logistic setup.

Finish first in the last mile

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